indoor live plants displayed in large building

Sheffield Hallam

Sheffield Hallam University
January 2022

When we think about the biophilic effect of indoor plants, it is often in terms of wellbeing, such as lowering stress, but views of nature have also been proven to boost learning and creative thinking in a range of studies.

Little wonder, then, that planting is fast becoming an essential element in learning spaces.

Sheffield Hallam’s revamped City Campus atrium is testament to the way universities are embracing planting as part of creating welcoming and nurturing learning environments.

large building with plant display

The refurbishment forms part of a wider initiative to create more green spaces in the city, through a strategic partnership with local industries, institutions and organisations.

Two years in the planning, Urban Planters South Yorkshire worked alongside architects BDP and BAM Construction to design a sweeping planting scheme for the university’s vast atrium and the cafeteria.

Linear and curved troughs line the sides of the atrium across all the floors, densely planted with a selection of species such as Dracaena, Sansevierias, Kentias and Araucarias.

The troughs work with the wooden panels and natural light from the glass ceiling to create a biophilic learning environment.

large building with indoor plant display