indoor plants in a decorative pot by the window


Avonmouth, Bristol
April 2019

SISK had recently transformed its Avonmouth premises from an uninspiring office on an industrial estate to a thoroughly modern and striking workspace.

They wanted a planting scheme that would complement the sophisticated greys and whites of the new décor but would also provide cleaner air for their office space, something that was especially important given their heavily polluted, industrial location.

On arrival for our initial meeting with the client, we were taken to their meeting room. We were instantly struck by the décor, where lines cut diagonally down the walls to divide the contrasting grey and white.

The setting cried out for Totem containers. Not a natural choice for many settings, they seemed tailor made for Sisk. The geometric plant pots were an instant hit with the clients and the rest of the planting scheme design quickly flowed from there: by the following day we had the order in place.

Some enthusiastic green-fingered Sisk employees got involved in choosing plants for the scheme, and were particularly keen to have the braided stem Ficus Benjamina as part of the selection. It was gratifying to know that the workforce were invested in the planting for their office.

Elsewhere, planted troughs were lined up along cabinet tops to prevent staff using them for storage. Their elevated position also meant that they were more visible around the workspace.