green walls and plants indoors

The Frog at Mindenhurst

Hall & Woodhouse
March 2022
Hall & Woodhouse architect Graham Jones

The Frog at Mindenhurst, launched in the Spring of 2022 by Hall & Woodhouse, has been designed to nestle within its immediate setting, landscaped grounds featuring a large pond.

The building features a range of natural and ecological elements, all aimed at connecting it with the surrounding landscape.

Plants were therefore integral to the look and feel of The Frog. Hall & Woodhouse were keen that the planting felt organic, with specimens seemingly growing and rambling around the room.

A busy restaurant, there was very little room for plant displays on surfaces or the floor, so Melanie Grohmann and the rest of the Urban Planters Reading team had to be ingenuitive with the positioning of displays.

We used green walls, climbing plants, and compact bar and tabletop displays to create an organic, integrated planting scheme without encroaching on valuable floor space.

Where there was room, we positioned small trees next to timber columns and tables to break up the open spaces and enhance the cosy and secluded feel.

The preserved moss wall was constructed to look as if it was rambling around the structural features of the room. This was achieved by spilling the edges of the moss wall over the seams and joints of the ceiling and walls, along beams and through shutter slats.

Hall & Woodhouse wanted live specimens wherever possible, but in some areas low light levels meant this wasn’t always achievable. So, we opted for premium replica planting in the darker parts of the room, or where accessibility for maintenance was difficult.

The client was also keen on including natural and informal terracotta pots and moss toppings, so we sought to feature these wherever possible.

Mel instantly understood the biophilic look we were aiming to create at The Frog. The team at Urban Planters have created a scheme which perfectly reflects our passion for plants and integrates seamlessly with the other natural features around the restaurant.’

Andy Thompson, Design and Construction Project Manager, Hall & Woodhouse.