indoor plants displayed in an open sittting area

The Spa at Carden

December 2019
Barr & Wray; Paveaways; Carden Park Hotel Project Management

The Spa at Carden is a five-star retreat at the prestigious Carden Park hotel in Cheshire. They tasked Urban Planters North West with designing a planting scheme to bring a nurturing and biophilic feel to the rooms, but light levels dictated that live plants would not be suitable.

The feature piece of the scheme is a vast and vibrant preserved moss wall, which towers behind the reception desk and bears the spa logo. Using a mixture of flat dark green and raised bright green moss, we created a rich and striking pattern to catch the eye as guests arrive.

For the individual displays, we opted for high-quality, lifelike replica planting such as small trees and white silk orchids and added subtle dark pebble topping and replica trailing underplanting for further interest.

The displays sit in bronze planters in a variety of textures, selected to echo the sophisticated feel of the displays and the luxurious tone of the spa.