Purple couch with green and purple indoor plants in the background

Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee

When Tommee Tippee wanted to refresh the planting for their head office, they were keen to keep the changes simple, while at the same time creating something that felt brand new and impactful around the workplace.

Urban Planters’ Paul Rogers suggested keeping with a classic dark grey container, a colour which never goes out of style and sits happily in any corporate setting. It also provides a perfect backdrop against which to let the planting itself shine.

indoor plants lined in a room

Then, with fresh planting, the scheme was completely transformed. Using vibrant purple-tipped Sansevieria behind a matching sofa, an existing trough took on new life. Rows of large, leafy Clusia rosea, kentia palm, Dracaena and Aglaonema revitalise spaces around the building while also increasing fresh air and a general sense of wellbeing for staff.