indoor plants displayed in office


July 2021

When leading reviews company Trustpilot moved to a new office on the prestigious St Andrew’s Square in central Edinburgh, they were looking to enhance and soften their new workspace with greenery throughout.

Aware of the many health and psychological benefits that plants have to offer, the client was keen to implement this into the new office, to ensure the area felt more welcoming for those staff coming back to the workplace.

indoor plants lined up and reflecting on glass

Urban Planters Scotland’s Carol Ridell, designed a scheme using uniform rows of planting featuring just one or two specimens, such as varieties of Sansevieria and Aglaonema in brilliant white troughs and planters

Elsewhere, individual dark grey matt containers house branched Draceana Lemon Limes and white desktop bowls housing Guzmania in vivid reds to match Trustpilot’s carpet.

This uniformity, along with the use of a small and select range of planting, creates a striking display while maintaining a corporate feel. The white troughs in particular really stand out against the vibrant carpet.

indoor plants displayed in sitting area

Trustpilot’s new presence in the Scottish capital offices spans over 9,000 sq feet and adds to its multinational office portfolio in cities such as New York, London and Melbourne.

Earlier this year, the company announced plans to establish a global research and development and innovation hub in Edinburgh and, with plants proved to improve focus and creative thinking, this scheme should help to boost productivity around these new offices.

Audrey Lynch, at Trustpilot said: “Trustpilot are delighted to have benefited from the professional services of Urban Planters for the plants in their Office.  The install went very smoothly, and their selection of plants and containers has been exceptional. The plants are healthy, maintained on a regular basis and create a harmonious atmosphere in the Office.

“The service from Urban Planter from beginning to end has been excellent.  The ongoing maintenance is excellent too.”