formal cosy area with plant display

Voco St John’s Hotel

January 2019
Kew Green

Life in a frame: our planting scheme for this Solihull hotel plays soft against stark using dark square cabinet frames to house an informal mixture of foliage around the restaurant.

Using Fiberstone ridged cement pots and complimenting washed grey Mini Orb planters, we selected the delicate foliage of Rhipsalis ramulosa ‘Red Coral’, Aglaonema ‘Silver Queen’ Aglaonema commutatum ‘Silver Queen’ and Rhipsalis baccifera ‘Oasis’ to contrast against the stark lines of the frames.

The open cabinets create interesting feature pieces around the room, at the same time forming dividers between diners without blocking the view or light.

The plant display theme continues in the reception area, where clusters of displays in a mixture of grey planters house a range of planting, including more Rhipsalis, as well as Beaucarnea, Kentia, Asplenium and Sansevieria. Floorstanding clusters stand at differing heights while other displays adorn shelving and soften breakout areas.

Outside, we used a carefully selected mix of variegated Phormiums and Buxus sempervirens in black and ochre pots to create a striking welcome for guests.