Healthy Plants Healthy You: A New Year’s resolution that’s easy to keep

13 January 2015

Atchoo! Yes, it’s January, and with the dark mornings and nights come the usual coughs, colds, sneezes and general grogginess that deep winter likes to bring along for the ride.

It’s no fun for those with these bugs, as I’m sure we all know from experience, but it also takes its toll on businesses, who have the higher numbers of absenteeism to deal with this time of year.

But many common bugs and symptoms which thrive this time of year, such as coughs, colds, headaches, stress and a general feeling of being run-down, can be treated and even prevented in a very simple and perhaps surprising way.

The humble office plant may look fairly powerless, sitting there in the corner of the room, but far from just making the place look brighter, they are actually working hard to keep us healthy.

Research has proven that indoor plants can improve our mood and health in many ways. They remove harmful toxins from the atmosphere in a room, freshening it and giving us healthier air to breathe. What’s more, incidents of sickness from coughs, headaches, stress and tiredness are fewer where people work near plants. We even work better, are more creative and are generally happier around plants.

To celebrate the many ways plants can improve our lives, eFIG (the European Federation of Interior Landscape Growers) is launching tomorrow (14.01.15), a new campaign: Healthy Plants Healthy You .

Maybe you, like many of us, have resolved this New Year, to be healthier, or achieve more career goals, or to be less stressed. Well, that dark and grey weather outside may make it harder to feel happier, healthier or more productive, but with a brighter, greener workspace indoors, you may well stick to those resolutions, and even avoid the doctors this winter.

eFIG has created a “doctor’s note” to show us all how plants can be just the right medicine for us (see below). A daily dose of greenery may be just the thing to help make 2015 a happier, healthier year.


Check out eFIG’s website for more on Healthy Plants Healthy You.

There is more on the many health benefits of plants on our website.