Help Ideas Grow with Houseplants on your Desk

17 May 2021

Guest blog by plants@work for the 9th National Plants at Work Week

It’s safe to say that for many of us, this past year has been very home-centric. It is likely that the pandemic has seen us at home for more hours than ever before, as it has become both a living and working space for the first time.

So, while National Plants at Work Week usually focusses on the benefits of plants in the office, this year we are celebrating the office houseplant. Houseplants have soared in popularity during the pandemic, as our locked down, homeworking selves have looked to our green-leaved friends to brighten our workstations and help alleviate stress and anxiety in these uncertain times.

Coll Smith at NPWW organiser plants@work tells us more:

During this year’s National Plants at Work Week 17 – 21 May, we are inviting everyone to visit our virtual classroom to vote for their favourite office houseplant. Our virtual Exam Room Installation opens its door as a part of the Chelsea Fringe between 17-23 May.

An expert panel has chosen a shortlist of nine houseplants, and, every day after 11.00am, plants@work will publish a short video on their YouTube channel about each of the plants.

The top nine houseplants are:

1.     Sansevieria Cylindrica

2.     Pilea Peperomioides

3.   Howea forsteriana

4.     Monstera Adansonii (Monkey Mask)

5.     Alocasia Zebrina

6.     Fiddle Leaf Fig

7.     Fishbone cactus

8.     Peace Lily

9.     Bird’s Nest Fern

When you visit the virtual classroom, you can step in, sit at the desks with the various houseplants and learn something each day about the featured houseplant. Ask questions or add your comments via plants@work’s social media – Twitter, Instagram andFacebook. Please use hashtags #plantsatworkweek #ChelseaFringe.

While working from home has been commonplace for many over the last year, we are sure that including houseplants in home offices has helped to reduce stress levels for home-workers.

So, with workplaces beginning to open up again with the government’s ‘coming out of lockdown timeline’, plants@work members are stepping up to help spread their houseplant care knowledge and knowledge of the benefits that plants bring to the workplace, wherever it is.

Coll Smith, plants@work