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Moss Walls UK
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Moss Walls

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This product is available for outright purchase and our supply and maintenance contract


Love green walls but not the cost or maintenance regime? Moss green walls are the answer!


Moss walls in the UK are fast becoming as popular as living walls, preserved moss walls are a cost-effective alternative. Because the moss is preserved, the wall requires very little maintenance and has longevity.


Also, unlike live planted walls, they are not sensitive to temperature or light fluctuations, so they can be used anywhere indoors (outdoor use is not recommended).


Using the two types of preserved moss available, bun and flat, we can create unique, textural designs and also incorporate other design features such as company logos.


The moss is preserved by replacing its moisture content with an environmentally friendly, biodegradable preservative. Once the moss has absorbed this preservative, it retains its natural appearance and vivid colour for a long time.


Moss walls are also effective noise absorbents, so they are perfect for softening poor acoustics and background noise in the workplace or home.


So join in the new moss wall UK trend, give us a call today or click below for a quote.



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