green plant wall in reception

Green Walls

Live and artificial green walls take planting to a new dimension. From sprawling multi-storey designs to plants in small picture frames, green walls solve issues with limited space and bring impactful visual features in vast open areas.

Living Walls

plant wall in tall building

Using a broad range of specimens in a variety of textures and colours, we create living wall designs which not only look striking but are also hard at work cleaning the air.

Using innovative technology, we can accurately maintain live planting on green walls from afar. These clever remote systems, teamed with regular maintenance visits, keep your green walls thriving.

Artificial Green Walls

design of plant wall in the bar

Using easy-going replica planting, there is so much we can create with artificial walls. These green walls can go anywhere: ceilings, underground tunnels, archways, to name but a few. Ever vibrant and easy to maintain, artificial walls seem to know no bounds.

plant wall behind wooden table


Moss Walls

green moss wall in open room

Preserved moss is ever-vibrant, beautifully textured and wonderfully versatile. Available in bun or flat form, moss can be used everywhere and, by mixing forms and shades, can create patterns, designs or a more informal mix of textures and colours.

green moss wall artwork on the wall behind the couch

Moss wall


plant wall in reception area

Open spaces can need screening off for privacy, acoustics or simple aesthetics. Our nifty mobile green walls can break up and divide open-plan workspaces, instantly absorbing noise and bringing nature into view.

We also offer ‘active’ green wall divides using Naava. Finnish company Naava has developed a radical new living wall system which boosts the natural air purifying process using their own soilless growth medium and smart technology. These units can be used to create divides or a single sided living wall. We think this biophilic innovation is the shape of things to come for healthier, greener living.

Wall Displays

office area with small plant artwork

Beautifully arranged live or artificial plants or moss in a picture frame, these small-scale green walls are a natural alternative to pictures, bringing perfectly formed biophilic features to walls. Instant talking points and ideal for introducing the benefits of plants where space is tight.

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