Grounds Maintenance & Landscaping

At Urban Planters we have dedicated exterior teams which span our UK network, offering grounds maintenance and bespoke landscaping.

Smart exterior grounds make an all-important first impression of your premises, as well as enhancing the experience for co-workers and visitors alike. We are experienced in working on all sizes and types of exterior projects and will ensure your outside spaces are consistently attractive and well-kept.

Our exterior service can be tailored to suit the scale of your grounds care needs, from providing a dedicated site-based team to regular or one-off visits from our professional horticulturalists.

Grounds Care and Maintenance

Our commercial grounds care and maintenance services cover a full range of services to keep your exterior spaces smart and full of vitality.

Turf management and lawn care
We have the expertise and equipment to maintain all forms of grassed areas including formal lawns, grass banks and larger natural spaces. Using both mechanical and natural treatments, we can enhance lawn health throughout the year.

Hedge maintenance
Hedge maintenance is critical for health and safety, as well as providing a neat and attractive frame to exterior spaces. Working around your site usage, we ensure your hedges are maintained to ensure good visibility.

Our pruning is also carefully scheduled to avoid affecting wildlife and we encourage species-specific pruning using horticultural best practice to enhance the natural beauty of hedges.

Shrub bed maintenance
We specialise in enhancing shrub and perennial borders, through an expert system of weeding, constant plant care, feeding and pruning. We aim to get the best performance from your planting by selecting healthy, vigorous specimens with vibrant flowering displays.

Tree maintenance
We carry out annual tree surveys and produce a report with recommendations for remedial work set out in order of priority.

Using fully qualified tree surgeons, we can undertake crown reduction, pollarding, crown lifting, dangerous branch removal and tree felling.

Weed and litter control
Weed and litter-free grounds are vital part of maintaining smart exterior grounds. Our regular maintenance visits keep weeds, moss and algae at bay and litter under control.


Professional hard and soft landscaping services create attractive exterior grounds to transform your outdoor environment.

We have a wealth of experience in all elements of landscaping, from large commercial re-developments to private residential projects, all tailored to meet your functional, aesthetic and budget needs.


Hard landscaping
Hard landscaping provides the backbone to exterior spaces, providing structure, form and functional surfaces for a variety of different uses.

We have a large team of experienced landscapers who are skilled in undertaking hard landscaping projects of any size and style. We source local stone and materials to ensure your scheme is sensitive to its surroundings and your carbon footprint is kept in check.

Soft landscaping
An avenue of trees, a wildflower strip, small entrance planters … every plant counts when it comes to bringing beauty and vitality to your space.

We design our projects with practicality and long-term success in mind, carefully selecting the right plants for the usage, location and aspect of each space. We also ensure each specimen can adapt to our changing weather patterns.

With land development on the march, every inch of exterior green space is critical for our environment, not just for wildlife, but also for managing the impact of our changing climate on our lives.

Landscapes can easily be both practical and sustainable, through responsible grounds maintenance practices and well-designed landscapes.

Because we design and maintain thousands of acres of land across the UK, we are well placed to make a difference. In fact, we create hundreds of new green spaces each year, encouraging biodiversity, improving wildlife habitats and lowering water dependency for planting at every site.  

We regularly re-evaluate our practises, design specifications and systems to enhance the sites where we operate. What’s more, we actively share our knowledge with manufacturers and suppliers, for the benefit of us all.

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