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Plant Displays

We can source live and artificial plants and flowering plants to suit all settings, indoors and outdoors.

Working with trusted suppliers in the Netherlands, we select from a vast range of high-quality specimens to provide you with perfect plants for your space.

Plants are only half the story in any successful planting scheme: we also take great pains to handpick or commission the right pot, so both plant and pot sit happily together as a plant display in their new setting.

Live Plant Displays

Live office and house plants are the original interior landscaping product.

Over the years, they have gone from being a finishing touch to an essential element of any interior setting or new building design.

All our plants have their own individual appeal, from miniscule succulents to towering trees and we can supply a wide range of plant displays for indoor or outdoor use.

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Traditional Indoor Plants

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Hydro Indoor Plants

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Garden & Patio Plants

Artificial/ Replica Plant Displays

Not every setting suits a live plant. Poor light, varying temperatures and regular changes in room set-ups are some of the reasons why people end up opting for artificial plants.

Our artificial plants are made from high quality materials and are expertly constructed. In short, they are very difficult to tell from the real thing. We can also source plants that are either UV rated for outdoor use or fire retardent for indoor use. Artificial plants also come with additional benefits: they can go anywhere and need very little care.

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Flowering Displays

Live Flowering Displays
Live flowering plant displays and cut flower displays bring constant colour and interest throughout the year. We offer a regular bouquet delivery refreshment service as well as seasonal rotations of live flowering plants, to keep things interesting.

Artificial Flowering Displays
Our artificial flowers are a perfect low-maintenance option. Made from high quality materials, we can provide bouquets or flowering plants which look like the real thing and stay vibrant for years.

indoor plants displayed in a mall

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